Sunday 12 October 2008

Whispers Blurb

Whispers is a m/f vampire BDSM novella. It will be included in Total-e-bound's Night of the Senses BDSM anthology. It's due to be released 23rd February 2009. There'll be more info and extracts closer to the release date, in the meantime, here's the blurb:

As soon as Zachariah feeds from Charlotte’s blood, he begins to hear her thoughts whispering into his mind. A rare blood bond forms between them and Zachariah is thrilled. He’s sure the bond and his new insights into Charlotte’s mind will solve all their problems.

Charlotte was ready for her master’s bite to hurt – she was looking forward it. She thought she was ready for anything else too, but she wasn’t ready to let her master into her mind. The bond isn’t the solution to anything. The bond is the problem.

Zachariah has to solve a whole new set of problems if he’s going to prove he’s the master Charlotte’s always wanted, and Charlotte has to learn to do something she’s never done before – trust a master with her mind.


Anonymous said...

Love the blurb!

Kim Dare said...

Thanks Chelle :)