Wednesday 15 October 2008

Wondering about... series


I seem to have rather a lot of them in my head, and the numbers keeps growing. The number of books I have planned for each series and the number of different series.

A few are more collections rather than true series - Collared and Perfect Timing both fit into this catagory. They are all stand alone stories that are linked by a theme. Other series on my list follow a cast of characters and their ever expanding circle of friends through several books.

Now, Perfect Timing is the nice organised series I have on the go. It's 12 stories. Three have been accepted, another eight have been written and are either being edited or waiting to be editing. And I'm writing the last one right now.

Collared is more free style. I'm hoping to write four stories a year for that series, but I'm purposely keeping myself flexible. The only rules I've given myself are that I want to alternate m/m and f/m stories and keep each one down to novella length if at all possible.

I'm going finish The Morning After, write two more Collared stories, two anthology submissions, and my Nanowrimo stand alone novel during the rest of this year. My time table is set. I have time to get everything I need to finish this year finished this year.

So, what all this planning and plotting boils down to is... I get to pick a new series to start in the new year. I realise that's still close to three months away, but speaking as someone who has been incredibly strict with themself and not given into the temptation to work on any of the shiney new projects in their head for months, and months, and months, this is still a very, very exciting fact.

I have 17 series on my list to choose from on Januray 1st.

But only if I finish everything I need to do over the next few months.

*Goes off to catch up on everythig that should be done by 15th October*

Wonderful the things that give you motivation at the oddest moments, isn't it?

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Anonymous said...

I stand amazed! That's a lot of writing. How many hours do you work a day?