Wednesday 1 October 2008

Wondering... what the new month will bring

I have a to do list for October. This won't surprise anyone who knows me. I have a To do list for pretty much every.

I even have a story that revolves around a To do list. It's called Time To Do and it's just been accepted by Total-e-bound. It's the third book in the Perfect Timing Series and due to come out on the 25th May 2009. It's a m/m BDSM story revolving around two university students who've been friends for ever, but who's releationship is about to change beyond all recognition. I'll have the blurb for you in due course.

My to do list doesn't contain quite the number of interesting items as the one in the book, but here's my writing to do list for the month anyway:

Write 1,000 words a day, 50,000 over the month - This is pretty much the same as every other month.

Editing Aims:

Do whatever edits my editor sends to me - Not sure if I've got any coming through or not, but I'll put it on the list just in case.

Re-write, edit, polish, write a synopsis for and submit All Grown Up – Book 4 in Time series to TEB - I think I'm going to add about 10,000 words, making it novel length.

Re-write, edit, polish, write a synopsis for and submit Imperial Topaz – Book 2 in Collared series to TEB - I'm adding 3-5,000 words to this one to make it novella length.

Writing Aims:

Write By the Hour – Perfect Timing book 12 - It's going to be 30,000 words. Anyone who was around last month might remember this was on my two do list for September too.

Write a short story - Collared book 3 or Anthology Sub. Either would be about 15,000 words.

Other Aims:

Try to get some of the Collared stories into some sort of order. At the moment, I've got lots of story ideas all in a messy heap - I really need to work out what order I'm going to tackle them on. A few are trying to stage a rebellion and form themselves into an entirely different series, so I'm not sure what to do about them yet.

And that's it.

Happy October, everyone.

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