Monday, 13 October 2008

Monday Memo: Happy Birthday


Special birthday wishes and lots and lots of love going out to my mother today, on her special day :)

I've actually not got a lot else to report. I've had a very lazy weekend, followed by an almost equally lazy Monday.

I just really haven't got going.

Part of it is that I'm chwps with cold - we all are not the moment.

But, most of it is just... well, not having a lot of get up and go.

You see, I had this theory. I'd send Imperial Topaz off early so I'd have more time to work on All Grown Up. It needs to be extended from a novella into a novel, which means added about 10,000 words. I'm also planning two sub plots, which I'm hoping to weave into the main story. And I have a few new scenes planned.

Since I want to do all that by the end of the month having an extra week at it would have been a very good thing - that's logical, right?

I sent Imperial Topaz off on the 8th. Almost a week ago. All Grown Up is pretty much the same as I left it when I finished the last re-write of it a few months back.

Well, I will cut myself a bit of slack because I did the edits for the various stories that came back from my editor. That took me until Friday.

I also did the whole website re-jigging thing. That was most of yesterday's writing time gone.

But I don't really feel like I've got anything really done. I haven't got my teeth into anything.

I've done a bit of editing on All Grown Up. The first draft of The Morning After is progressing nicely, but not exactly at break neck speed.

I think that's it really. I'm just ticking over.

So, what am I going to do about that?

If I stop writing at 11pm, I have about two and a half hours working time left for today.

I'm going to attack The Morning After and add as many words as is possible to it.

Right. *Goes off to do that*

But not before one last.....

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